George Zaidan

George Zaidan is a science communicator, television and web host, producer, and card-carrying nerd with ten years’ experience telling compelling stories.

George co-hosted CNBC’s hit TV series, Make Me a Millionaire Inventor. He created, wrote, and hosted National Geographic’s webseries Ingredients; and he co-wrote and directed MIT’s webseries Science Out Loud. He has also written and voiced several TED-Ed viral videos. George’s favorite projects include creating MIT’s first ever reality webseries, revealing the secret behind white asparagus, explaining why ketchup is so hard to get out of the bottle, helping develop a massive open online course on protein drug development, and giving a friendly satellite-fixing space robot its television debut. His work has been featured in The New York Times, ForbesThe Boston Globe, National Geographic Magazine, NPR’s The Salt, NBC’s Cosmic LogScienceBusiness Insider, and Gizmodo.

His current projects include a book based on the Ingredients series and a hybrid podcast/webseries series featuring MIT and NASA geologists.

George holds an S.B. in Chemistry from MIT, where he won the F.D. Greene Teaching Award. He is a New Media Consortium Emerging Leader and Khan Academy Talent Search Winner, and has also been honored by the Goldwater Foundation and Merck.

George advises businesses, campaigns, and nonprofits on media strategy, and served as a trustee of the Washington International School. He is a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Education. George is also an avid rock climber, former single-digit-handicap golfer, and recreational cook.

George’s 2016 hosting & writing reel:

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