Client: MIT OpenCourseWare
Show: 5.301 ChemLab Boot Camp
Skills: Producing, Writing
Press: The Boston Globe,, Science
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Free Energy Productions LLC

Every January the MIT Chemistry Department offers an intensive 4-week lab course to a select group of freshmen… with little to no lab experience. It’s a grueling class that’s fully earned its name: the boot camp. But those who pass the class are guaranteed a job in an MIT research lab. Sounds like the setup to the next big reality show, right?

We thought so too. So we produced a 14-episode webseries based on the class. It is (to the best of our knowledge) the first ever reality webseries shot on a university campus with the full support of the university. We combined over 100 hours of lab footage, student video diaries, B-roll of the MIT campus, and short animations to give over 100,000 viewers a taste of what it’s like to attend MIT.