I love teaching and talking about what I do, especially if the group I’m talking to is small enough to do a workshop. I work with your team to help them communicate their ideas more concisely, effectively, and memorably.

Previous and upcoming talks:

How to Pitch
December 13, 2016
Halcyon Incubator

How to Talk to Journalists
December 5, 2016
MIT Nuclear Science

Educational Webseries Development
with Elizabeth Choe
June 27-28 and July 18-19, 2016
National Human Genome Research Institute (National Institutes of Health)

Becoming the Next Bill Nye: Writing and Hosting Workshop
January 6, 2016
MIT course 20.219

Writing and Hosting Workshop
February 18, 2015
MIT Biological Engineering Communications Lab

Becoming the Next Bill Nye: Writing and Hosting Workshop
January 7, 2015
MIT course 20.219

Fostering the Next Bill Nye – How Hard Could It Be?
with Elizabeth Choe
November 12, 2104
MIT Office of Digital Learning xTalks

How to Write so Your Audience Will Listen
July 17, 2014
Burness Communications “Art of Communication” Series

How to Make a TED-Ed Video & Workshop
October 23, 2013 and October 22, 2014
The Mayday Fund / Burness Communications

Chemistry Reality TV
June 13, 2012
New Media Consortium Emerging Leaders Forum

Science Communication in the Internet Age
November 11, 2010
Columbia University Center for Research on Environmental Decisions

How to Make Your Video Not Suck
November 11, 2010
Columbia University

March 28, 2008
National Science Teachers Association Meeting

October 12, 2007
MIT Biological Engineering Family Weekend