“George Zaidan is the creative genius I need to get my message across via today’s social—visual and written—media. He works quickly, cuts through my jumbled prose to capture its essence, and brings a keen sense of the target audience to bear in conveying our messages. Most of all, I value his polite but clear and constructive negative and positive feedback on my crazy ideas — exactly what I need to learn about what works and what doesn’t in the social media world. I couldn’t imagine taking on this project without him!”

Tom Kochan
George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

“As a TV producer I can say that it’s not always easy to find hosts who both know what they’re talking about and are engaging to watch. With George, he achieves both with ease. Not only does he bring his intelligence and wit to every episode of our series “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor,” but in it he also injects his heart, soul and humor. George undoubtedly shines on-screen, but off-screen he’s constantly working to make himself and the show as best as it can be. His energy and dedication to creating the best product possible is nothing short of contagious. It’s been wonderful working with him the past two years, and I’m looking forward to watching him continue his rise to success.”

Jimmy Fox
Executive Producer, Make Me a Millionaire Inventor

“George provided a terrific workshop to a group of MIT seniors on how to pitch a technical engineering design. I was impressed by George’s ability to concisely convey the quintessence of the pitch process and to construct an accepting environment where students felt comfortable to participate and experiment in what is often an uncomfortable situation – oral presentations in front of their peers and mentors. Through effective teaching and by stripping away the supporting material (slides, notes, teammates, etc.) that often functions as ‘crutches’ in such situations, George helped each student give an impressively clear, concise, and compelling pitch that represented substantial improvement in all cases.”

Zach Hartwig
John C. Hardwick Assistant Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT

“In my 25 years of running the Institute for Education, I have worked with over 200 vendors. George has no peers. He’s able to quickly analyze and deconstruct complex problems and build detailed, outside-the-box solutions. He’s efficient and he gets this done, but he’s also an artist — as creative as he is logical. George writes beautifully, taking complicated issues or problems and presenting them succinctly and lucidly. He thinks big but has en eye for nuance and detail. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.”

Kathy Kemper
Founder and CEO, Institute for Education

“Working with George is easy and a pleasure. He’s responsive and naturally understands both what you need and how to push a project to be better than you could have hoped for. George is a unique blend of artist and scientist. He quickly understands and translates complex science while shaping it in a way that anyone can understand. He innately understands how lay people understand science and how to teach while entertaining.
George is as effective at navigating personalities as he is understanding complex science. He gets people and makes sure everyone feels heard and understood.”

Nick Seaver
Senior Associate, Burness Communications

“I worked with George to create an explainer video for my start up to attract beta users and investors. George listened carefully to my goals, timeline and budget, and guided me through a clear, easy process to ensure that the messaging, tone and style met my goals but didn’t break the bank. I had attempted to work with other agencies before being introduced to George, and they were so caught up in their usual process that they couldn’t hear my unique needs as a start up seeking seed money. George did. He wrote the script, found the best style and animators, and provided the narration. He went above and beyond and brought me important feedback on current best practices in design that helped me modify my logo and consider other visual aspects of my business and the app I am developing to be more accessible. George was open to feedback as well, and made requested changes and took suggestions seriously. George delivered my video on time, within budget, and created an important asset for my early stage company. I highly recommend working with George, and I fully intend to hire him for upcoming projects.”

Trisha Brown
CEO, Kinetic Diagnostics

“Working with George was really easy – he’s a professional, he knows how video production works, and that’s a great asset in the studio or on location.
Because he’s also a producer/writer of science media, (in addition to being talent), George brought that knowledge to the table. He was able to help shape dialogue to feel more natural and smooth, and with his science background, he understood the complexities of our story and helped find ways to make it more accessible to our web audience.
We were looking for a witty, smart way to present some otherwise straight science, and George took that style and made it accessible and funny.
Presenting science is a difficult challenge, complicated concepts don’t always translate very well to a web audience. For our video, we covered hydrothermal vents, methane-eating bacteria and sea worm hemoglobin levels in about 3 minutes. George not only handled this crazy mix well but added humor and emotion, transforming what would likely have been an unwatchable subject into a cool science show.
Science media takes a real talent to pull off, and George is that rare blend of smarts, humor and focus.”

Art Binkowski
Director of Virtual Studios-Missions Media, National Geographic Society

“George and I have worked together on videos for TED, NOVA, and other independent projects. He’s the type of collaborator whom once you find, you come back to time and time again, because he’s reliable, fun to work with, and brings so much talent and creativity to the table. Some of our collaborations have involved distilling incredibly complex topics– including geometries that are actually impossible to accurately model in 3D dimensions– into meaningful and accessible nuggets of entertaining education. Not an easy task on the face of it– but with George on board, it was not only a breeze, but a whirlwind of ideas that resulted in something pretty special. George is frequently proposing new ideas and has the “yes, and” attitude that makes generative sessions successful. It doesn’t hurt that George is excellent voice talent as well– he’s my go-to narrator because he’s able to capture that elusive mix of trustworthiness and accessibility in his performance. He also takes direction extremely well and without ego– I have a dozen diverse takes of him shouting “Bam!” to prove it. I’d work with George again in a heartbeat.”

Alex Rosenthal
Producer, TED

“[T]he central piece (which we started with) was the “Ayiti pare” video. After that, our job was nearly done—helping create, in less than 5 minutes, a “paradigm shift” about the role of Kreyòl and of active learning in science and math education in Haiti.
The first questions of the Prime Minister after that was: What are the next steps? How can the Government of Haiti help? And from there, things went flying—faster than we thought possible. In fact, we only showed some 10% of the slide deck that we had brought along. Basically the narrative and images in the video told the biggest chunk of the story that we wanted to tell—and it did so much better than we could have otherwise.
All in all, this video has been our ‘lucky charm’ for the day!”

Michel DeGraff
Professor, MIT

“I have collaborated with George on several TED-Ed animated shorts, on which he played the role of the educator as well as a script editor/writer. Given his background in science, George’s dedication to the integrity of the content and the accuracy of the information is a tremendous asset to the production process. George’s love for science, in particular chemistry, is clear in the delivery of the content– he is enthusiastic and funny while explaining something as “basic” as covalent bonds, often relying on humour to device metaphors in order to break down complicated scientific concepts.
Every lesson was crafted with the careful understanding of the audience, never leaving them unsatisfied. George collaborated very closely with the directors of each animated short, understanding the important balance between the narration and the visuals. He was able to guide the visual storytelling by providing the animators detailed references and explanation for each part of the script.
While always paying extreme attention to every detail, George was a great collaborator and understood when necessary to take a step back and allow the visuals to add humour and tell part of the story.”

Gerta Xhelo
Producer, TED

“I have worked with George on a number of different projects—ChemLab Bootcamp, The Chemistry Behind the Magic, a course introductory video (18.821), as well as others—and in every case he has been a consummate professional. He is well-organized, understands business requirements, and knows how to stay within a budget. He works really well with faculty members and can deftly accommodate a variety of inputs and opinions. In making science videos for OCW, George has assembled and shaped some very complex materials to share knowledge with a worldwide audience. He has also made art. He understands how to make videos that have an engaging story arc with emotional as well as intellectual impact. I would gladly work with him again.”

Joe Pickett
Publication Director, MIT OpenCourseWare

“It was a pleasure working with George. He’s easy to get along with and takes direction easily. For each production he was well prepared and extremely flexible when changes were made.
Since we were producing a science show with some complexity, George’s science and production background was extremely valuable in making the subject matter easily understandable for the average viewer.
George has a “likeability” factor that we wanted for the show. His style and easy delivery made our show very watchable.
In the production world, being flexible and adaptable are “must haves” for everyone involved. George handled all changes without any pushback and even helped with the “re-writes” to make the program better.”

Brian Kumia
Executive Producer, The Pentagon Channel

“I got (another) comment today on the Kat’s Personal Story that you made during the Cathy Drennan project. It’s referenced on my LInkedIn profile, and almost everyone I interview with has said that they watched the video before talking to me. They comment on how relatable and human this video is. So I want to thank you for letting others into my life on such a human level; everyone watches and loves the online Kat you made.”

Kat Kozyrytska
Director of Marketing and Communications, Hofstra Group, Ltd. Co.